In continuation of the activities of EF6, entity component of KEAS group, our structure has a division dedicated to the manufacture of electronic cards.

We carry out the assembly of prototypes and small and medium series, to create the solutions you need. We are able to handle through–wiring, CMS, Reword on board already assembled and precise reballing of BGA. Our single purpose: to assemble your projects.




Our CMS wiring activity revolves around three points :travaux-circuits-imprimes

The production assembly, with our three automated tools..

The manual assembly for boards difficult to access or non conditionnables by machine.

The total or partial purchase of supplies (components, PCB, tooling) for your productions.



Our CMS division has been working for years with the same partner for screen printing tools, PCB manufacturing and component procurement. This stability allows us to better tailor our offer to your requests and requirements and, if necessary, to be able to bring our expertise to improve certain aspects of your routing or your future electronic realization.



9883367_xlBGA, Rework and Reballing

Our Rework activity revolves around three points :

■ Component repair on assembled card (PQFP, BGA, QFP, etc.).

The reballing of BGA (400μ) with automated process (temperature curve adapted by product).

Control by camera of the solder bridges on ball, and the diameter of the balls welded on the BGA.



Our through-wiring activity revolves around three points :

Manual assembly of components on an insertion tool online.

Welding on ROHS wave or Pb (if written derogation).

■ Control of welding and product compliance..



The package and the complete mechanical assembly of electronic components, is an activity also provided by our company. These assembled elements may have various destinations, in areas of activity as diverse as medical, security and aeronautics.
We have also an assembly room dedicated exclusively to the packaging business.

Most of the cards that we integrate into our mechanical assembly, comes from our own production.

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