KEAS takes part in applied research in collaboration with institutions such as the CNRS and the University Joseph Fourier in Grenoble as part of a consortium of research and development.


The research department at KEAS offers you customized innovative solutions, tailored to your market.

These works are certified by the Ministry of Industry and Research:

  • Amplification of toxicity phenomena of plant molecules by low-energy electromagnetic waves
  • Modeling in collaboration with the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) of tectonic phenomena
  • Amplifying cells of olfactory phenomena under specialized olfactory sensors


Our R&D department also allows us to internally develop new solutions in high technology either in response to a request from a client, or to meet a need, latent or unmet, of a market (primarily in the field of security).

Do not hesitate to contact us if our current offer does not suit your needs, we can develop a customized solution to meet your specifications.


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