logo_fong_blancDesigner and manufacturer of electronic solutions.


KEAS is an electronic company specializing in research, industrial design and production management of electronic equipment since 1980.

Through its strategy of innovation, KEAS designs high-performance industrial devices, giving you a clear competitive advantage in domestic and international markets.

Its adaptability and its professionalism make it a key player in the fields of research, security, defense, industry and health.

LEAS designs and manufactures electronic solutions in the following fields:

  • Detection & Jamming
  • Seismology (security),
  • Automatons



LEAS offers you quality services and customer service based on a relationship of trust, in line with your needs. Several intellectual and industrial protections are filed each year by the research department of LEAS, as part of its innovation strategy.

The methods of design, manufacturing and delivery used by the company LEAS are compliant with the industry-standard ISO 9001.




Research & Development




Creation of the research department, focusing mainly in the electric field

Establishment of the Innovation Strategy of KEAS with the start of the internal R&D to position ourselves on the national industrial markets

Partnerships with large industrial groups to develop systems including supervision

Implementation of an industrial & IP strategy. Protection of the expertise and technologies developed by KEAS

Development of the Security product line of KEAS™

–          Seismology

–          Electronic olfactory detection

–          Pressure sensing by smart materials

–          Detection and jamming of mobile telephony

Exportation of the Security product line of KEAS™ on new markets

Geophysics market in Peru: CitySharkII

Market of detection and jamming of mobile telephony in Latin America and Maghreb

-N°1 in Argentina

-N°1 in Tunisia

Strategic market development with a focus on the markets of the French Navy

Establishment of a new industrial strategy based on a network of expertise from specialized SMEs to provide complete solutions.



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