KEAS, your industrial partner for over 30 years, aims to keep assisting you and making advanced equipment in emerging sectors. 


KEAS: Konsortium Engineering Activities & Security

KEAS is born from the meeting of business leaders (LEAS / ABCM / EF6) around Grenoble eager to synergize their business in order to bring comprehensive technical and industrial solutions to their customers.

Pooling our knowledge, our various technologies and our resources allows us to offer a valued comprehensive package to achieve ambitious goals geared towards international markets.

For more information on the three companies forming our industrial group: our 3 entities.



Our goal: Becoming a leader in security markets.

Security through jamming

  • Strengthening of the devices in penitentiary centers
  • Interception of communications and ease of localization

Automated security

  • Access control, supervision, emergency stop
  • Scenic activity
  • Distillation of the French Company of the Grande Chartreuse.

Seismic security

  • Detection of seismic events
  • Detection of climate risks, detection of human presence.