Our industrial group can offer you a wide range of various technical products relating to security.



Our products relating to detection and jamming:


Transportable units: Detection and/or inhibition case. This multichannel devices jams any required frequency of mobile telephony.

A wide range of fixed or portable, detectors and/or jammers:Mallette brouilleur

  • Detectors
  • Jammers
  • Detectors/Jammers

The whole range is fit according to your needs: frequency bands to jam, power of signal to cover…

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Our solution to detect and prevent major risks: collapse, earthquake, seismic event


CitySharkII is a multichannel acquisition station specializing in the recording of background noise, which is dedicated to the seismology civil study and geophysical research. This station has an excellent signal/noise ratio and is easy of use.


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One of our department is specialized is supervisory and automatic device


Industrial automation in supervisory and security: technical characteristics variable depending on needs.

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