Device for olfactory detection system and identification

KEAS has developed an intelligent device that combines electronic technology with biological characteristics to identify specific olfactory substances.

The olfactometric measurement allows the detection of hazardous materials and olfactory abnormalities to ensure optimum safety in the industry, defense and health fields.

This innovative solution provides a powerful ability to recognize, compare and store odors to create an olfactory library tailored to industrial needs.

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Intelligent pressure sensing devices

KEAS offers a unique technology of smart materials for on-site intrusion detection and people protection.

The detection device installed in the form of flooring matrix may be placed in any type of materials to protect sensitive sites by providing an efficient security system.

This smart floor is a groundbreaking marketing tool for stores to increase their business performance through innovative analysis of consumer behavior.

A new generation sensitive fabric has also been developed for protective equipment to ensure maximum security in the fields of security, defense and industry.

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