The security of an area being tightly related to the security of the communications, KEAS provides reliable and innovative communications and identification systems.


Systems of coastal surveillance and centralization of communications on ships, developed by KEAS:

The following products are dedicated to the French navy and NATO 





The AIS/X being a Warship AIS (W-AIS), it allows you to send and receive in encrypted mode. Its features are defined and standardized by NATO countries, the AIS/X makes it for example possible to limit the exchange of position only to vessels equipped of W-AIS with the correct key, and to broadcast to all conventional AIS either virtual ships, or the real position of W-AIS ownship, but off-set.

Our AIS,  the AIS/X (Automatic Identification System eXtended), offers additional features like points of interest, false tracks and decoy management. 



navy centralized communication system

 The main features are :

          o Creating a secure network

          o The transmission and reception of free text on the protected or unprotected network,

          o The transmission and reception of points of interest on the protected network,

          o Creation of false tracks on the AIS network,

          o Usurping the identity and position of the ownship on the AIS network,

          o Use of a third VHF frequency for the protected network.


The AIS/X allows a better understanding of the tactical situation of proximity while promoting discretion.




The equipment BASIC: Access Box to Coastal IP Services is a system incorporating all the available IP communications on a boat (concept of IP Box).


BASIC includes the AIS/X (Automatic Identification System eXtended) and thus benefits from all the features previously mentionned, while offering several additional means of communications


o Internet access : made nominally by the 3G / 4G network via the modem integrated in the router.

o Access to SPATIONAV: the transfer of the local situation is performed by connecting to the PI2B gateway via internet.

o Access to a supervision post: the supervision post allows you to configure all the accesses and to retrieve logs.

o Access to a NAV PC, that displays the local situation (AIS and possibly radar) and to implement all the features of the AIS/X..

o Access to a radar, to recover the radar tracks.



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