To prevent serious damage and the unpredictability of earthquakes, KEAS has studied a system to monitor seismic tremors, but also to anticipate and prevent risks due to seismic events.

For this, we developed CityShark II, a multichannel acquisition station specializing in the recording of background noise, which is dedicated to the seismology civil study and geophysical research. This station has an excellent signal/noise ratio and is easy of use.


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Detection & Jamming

In order to secure sensitive areas such as prisons or justice/defense buildings, KEAS offers a detection & jamming system of mobile telecommunications (SMS, MMS, 3G / 4G ).

This dynamic jamming system, permanent or upon detection, is very selective ensuring the safe use of other radio devices & provides a high quality security perimeter for our clients.

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Olfactory detection

KEAS has developed systems designed to detect risks and threats, primarily by two methods:

  • Olfatex:  olfactory detection and identification

This intelligent device is based on an olfactory library adapted to the user’s needs to identify, compare and store the different odors.


  • Intelligent pressure sensing device

This detection device, installed as a discreet matrix flooring, helps protect sensitive sites by detecting anomalies.

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Communication & Identification systems

The security of an area is related to the security of the communications, KEAS provides reliable communications and identification systems.

KEAS offers systems for coastal surveillance and centralization of communications on ships.

The AIS/X device allows to send and receive in encrypted fashion, but also the management of points of interest, false trails and decoy. The BASIC device adds to this technology many other means of communication with the outside.

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