KEAS Group

KEAS is a specialized industrial group in the design and manufacturing of electronic products in two main sectors:

  1. Detection & Jamming solutions for
    • Wireless telecommunications → all bands, Satellite, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi / Wi-Fi pro etc.)
    • Counter-Drones → civil security
    • Other applications → i.e. RCIED
  2. Complex security automation for
    • The scenography market → theaters, operas, auditorium …
    • And various other industrial markets.

KEAS has been serving its Customers for about 40 years through the legacy of LEAS, founded in 1980.

Pooling our knowledge, our various technologies and our resources allow us to offer a valued comprehensive package to achieve ambitious goals geared towards international markets.

KEAS was acquired by a German Group on April 30th 2019 and is a wholly owned company of Telio Management GmbH.

KEAS undergoes a strong growth of its activities in France and abroad.



Founded in 1998, Telio is a typical company of the time: Enthusiastic, passionate about technology — and unconventional. Because Telio’s aim has always been to get a foot into prison. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Because prisons and forensic hospitals are a world of their own. Over the years, Telio has developed into one of the few insiders. And perhaps the only one in the communicatiTelio develops, installs and operates communications and media systems, which make an important contribution to institutional peace and rehabilitation in prisons and forensic commitments alike. Every system adheres to the highest security standards, simplifies work processes significantly and has a rehabilitating effect. Since 1998, Telio has specialized exclusively in this field and is today arguably the most competent partner in this segment in all of Europe. Products emerged such as the acclaimed PHONio prison phone system (also available as a patient phone), the CALLio cell call system, the BLOCKio mobile phone blocker, CAREio telephone counselling, the MULTio cell multimedia system and many other ideas that drive us every day to simplify the daily work of law enforcement officials and thus contribute to rehabilitation.

More information available here: www.tel.io

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