Mobile Wireless Communications Detector & Jammer


GSM / DCS / UMTS / Satellite / LTE / WIFI / WIFI PRO / 5G NSA

Other bands & standards…

(17 recognized standards)

5G Stand-Alone, IDEN, CDMA850, GSM850, TDMA, CDMA1900, PCS, NMT, D-AMPS, etc.


  • Penitentiary centers
  • Sites deemed sensitive
  • Court buildings
  • Custody suites
  • Confidential meeting rooms

Key take away

  • Made in France
  • Available in an analog and fully digital platform
  • Configurable
  • Inoffensive

9 up to 12 bands, 3W, 15W per band, Mobile Detector & Jammer


  • Dynamic jamming system following detection of attempted mobile communication (SMS / MMS / Calls / Data)
  • Sequential jamming, guaranteeing use is safe to physical persons
  • Compliant with European Recommendation: ERC 1999/519/EC, ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.2.3, EN 50665:2017, EN 62311:2008, EN 62368
  • Selective detection, ensuring no spurious triggering (Signature)
  • Highly selective jamming, guaranteeing, during jamming, the use of other radio devices, transmitting on the same band or using contiguous bands (e.g.: DECT, PMR, PTI, etc.).
  • Radius of jamming zone adjustable on site (option: remote management)
  • Housing Pelicase leak-tight impact resistant trolley (IP54)
  • Reinforced ventilation for operating outdoors or indoors
  • Modular system making it possible to add new frequency bands
  • Networking is possible – Communication with Data Supervisor of the detector/jammer (RS485 bus)  
  • Self-tests / Visualization of operational states – Local selection of functioning modes
  • Omnidirectional or Directional and/or deported antennas provided
  • Digital tablet or C2 API optional
  • Battery optional

Key benefits

  • Can detect & jam ALL possible telephony bands WW, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi PRO, BT / SAT
  • Fast enough to block blank SMS
  • Dynamic jamming system upon detection
  • Supervision software
  • Interferences free with PMR / PTI / DECT etc.