Ambient vibration recorder


MiniShark, a versatile data acquisition unit, dedicated to Geophysical applications (ambient vibration & earthquake recording).


  • Single station
  • Civil engineering
  • Earthquake recording
  • Geophysical research

Ambient vibration recorder

(3rd generation CityShark family)

Specific features

  • Synchronous multichannel (up to 3) recording for any low voltage signal.
  • Recording parameters are set up using push buttons. No need to connect to an external computer.
  • Independent & portable device with a powerful internal battery & a removal SD Card for efficient data storage.
  • Accuracy high quality system for ambient vibration recordings, to synchronously record one sensor, 3 channels.
  • May be used with passive or active sensors. Active sensors are powered by MiniShark through the same cable used for recording the signal.
  • Very low internal noise allowing the use of a 4.5Hz sensor to study frequencies down to 0.2 Hz.
  • The internal GPS, a high quality clock and continuous recording allow MiniShark to be used for earthquake recording.
  • Continuous recording.
  • Possible external power (through a battery or the charger) for long-term experiments.
  • Statistical tests, used to evaluate gain variations, offsets, absence of missing code, internal noise level, remote triggering and synchronism between channels proved MiniShark to be a very reliable data acquisition system.
  • The data software package: Geopsy open source software, and available at geopsy.org for free, makes it possible to format the flash card and retrieve data in ASCII spreadsheet-ready format, in an easy and time-effective way producing very easy to handle data files, or directly in SAC format.
  • The software runs under the most common systems (MS-Windows, Linux, Mac OSX).
  • Finally, while mostly used in the framework of ambient vibration studies, MiniShark can handle any kind of low voltage signal.